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Increased rice yields in India with Agrinos biological crop inputs

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College of Agriculture and Research Institute in the southern part of India recently conducted trials on rice using Agrinos biological crop input products. The trials showed that the seed yield was significantly higher when treated with Agrinos HYT M (AMF) + HYT MC, with yield increases up to 33%.

The proprietary High Yield Technology (HYT) in Agrinos products provides benefits to the crop by delivering nutrients to help rice plants prosper. In all trials, yield increase is attributed to a greater number of productive tillers per hill and higher 1,000 seed weight, demonstrating the positive effect Agrinos crop inputs have on growth and yield characteristics in rice.

The following results were observed using Agrinos HYT products:

·      Soil application of Agrinos HYT M @ 4 kg/acre + Agrinos HYT MC @ 500 ml/acre at seedling stage (<15 days after transplanting) increased the seed yield of rice by 33%.

·      When soil application of Agrinos HYT M is considered, two applications at tillering and booting stages @ 4 kg/acre was found promising and increased the seed yield of rice by 26%.

All trials demonstrated that yield increase in rice can be achieved using Agrinos products. Learn more about these products by visiting https://in.agrinos.com/products.


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