Agrinos Selected to Present Research at the World’s Largest Event on Agricultural Biostimulants

Davis, Ca. (Nov. 14, 2017)—The 3rd Biostimulants World Congress is an international scientific and technical event focused on the latest research and developments in plant biostimulants. Agrinos, a Gold Sponsor, will participate as an exhibitor (Booth 42) and presenter. The event will be held Nov. 27 – 30 in Miami, Fla.

Agrinos is presenting new research at the 3rd Biostimulants World Congress.

Agrinos is presenting new research at the 3rd Biostimulants World Congress. 

Research from Agrinos will be prominently featured at the World Congress. Dr. Mylavarapu (Ramesh) Venkatramesh, Agrinos vice president of discovery research, will give a presentation titled “Harnessing the Soil-plant Microbiome to Improve Crop Productivity.”

Terry Stone, Agrinos vice president of regulatory affairs and sustainability, will present a poster describing the role of biostimulants in reducing the carbon footprint associated with agriculture activity. His poster demonstrates the role biostimulants can play in lessening greenhouse gas emissions by boosting yield and nutrient use efficiency under conventional agricultural practices.

Dr. Michael Austin, Agrinos’ head of global agronomy, will present a poster focused on the effect Agrinos biostimulants HYT® A and HYT® B have on increasing crop yield and quality. Dr. Austin will share global research from multiple trials on a wide variety of crops.

The 3rd Biostimulants World Congress brings together leading authorities with the latest knowledge on crop-production biostimulants. In addition to Agrinos’ experts, the event features a global roster of panelists who will discuss the impact biostimulants have on nutrient uptake, tolerance to environmental stress, industry regulation, mode of action and more.

About Agrinos

Agrinos is a biological crop input provider committed to improving the productivity and sustainability of modern agriculture. Agrinos’ range of biofertilizers and biostimulant products help farmers to practice profitable agriculture by providing increased crop productivity, improved efficiency of conventional fertilizer and a reduced environmental footprint.

Based on Agrinos’ proprietary High Yield Technology (HYT) platform, the HYT® products provide benefits by strengthening the soil-based microbial ecosystem, stimulating crop development at key points in the growth cycle and boosting natural plant resistance to environmental stresses. With solutions for a variety of crop categories, the technology comprising the HYT products has demonstrated its value in third-party trials in key agricultural regions worldwide.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017